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20ft Caustic Drop Foam Slide

20ft Caustic Drop Foam Slide

    • Actual Size: 50′ L x 16′ W x 20′ H
    • Outlets: 1
    • Attendants: 1

    • Please call to reserve this item

The 20′ Caustic Drop Foam Slide is a new innovative design featuring a built-in platform which houses the foam machine. This allows the foam to disburse downwards, directly onto the top of the slide surface. The foam combined with the water gives the riders the ultimate sliding experience as they plunge swiftly and safely down the terrifying 20 foot slide. 

TES will supply the power cord, blower, inflatable slide and will setup the slide in a location of your choice. You need to supply the garden hose, water and 1 dedicated standard electrical outlet.  Please expect the area around the slide to have a little bit of mud and damage to your lawn. The entrance of the slide may also have these same effects. This will keep the sliding lanes wet just like the big water parks. Please select a grassy area that is level prior to delivery. This water slide rental cannot be placed on a hill as the water level in the pool will not be optimal. Who wants a backyard water slide rental that people will be talking about for years to come? You do!

This is a foam water slide. Riders will get wet. The foam solution is mixed with water. The foam is chemical-free, 100% organic, made in the USA and hypo-allergenic. It is NOT soap and will NOT burn the eyes. The foam machine does NOT run continuously for the entire four hours. We suggest that when you setup the unit you turn on the foam machine, then once the slide is full of foam you turn it off. Turn the machine back on to refill the slide with foam. If you leave the foam machine running continuosly the foam will run out in about 1 hour of use. TES has tested this unit and will supply enough foam solution to run the slide for 4 hours if it is used with our recomendations. Extra Foam can be purchased at an additional expense. 


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