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Fire Truck Movie Production & Props

As a prop, as a rainmaker or as a responding fire truck for your upcoming movie, music video, or TV commercial, Fire Trucks 4 Hire of TN has your truck for daily, weekly, or monthly shoots all across Tennessee. We can be there for you or find the right truck for your needs.
Since each shooting is different, prices vary.

Each truck comes with a CDL driver and a water pump operator. 99% of our drivers are current or former firefighters, that have extensive knowledge of fire trucks.

We are based out of Murfreesboro, TN and can bring 400 gallons of fresh water to make it rain on your request.

What you get from us:

  • On time and dependable.

  • Fully operational and clean vehicles.

  • Stocked with tools and fire equipment at no extra charge.

  • FIRE FIGHTERS familiar with the equipment driving and operating them.

  • FIRE FIGHTERS bring their own gear to work in the scenes with the trucks and background.

  • The FIRE FIGHTERS bringing the trucks to the set can be used for

  • Technical Advice at no extra charge.

  • Multiple day discounts and weekly rates available.

  • YOUR ONE STOP SHOP for all of your productions emergency needs!

    We have Fire and Paramedic TECHNICAL ADVISERS to assist you with making your scene as realistic as possible. All of our Technical Advisers are production minded and have the best interest of the studio and production company in mind. Our personnel have training as Hazardous Material Specialists, Paramedics, Rope Rescue, Urban Search & Rescue, Fire Fighters, Fire Captains and Fire Battalion Chiefs with many years of technical expertise in the fire fighting and paramedic fields.

    Planning a scene during PRODUCTION MEETINGS can go very easy with a technical adviser in attendance. Possibly even saving money pointing out things that can and can not be done with fire engines and ambulances.

    On the SET, we are always close by to be called upon and to share our knowledge with helping the director achieve his/her vision.

    Our Technical Advisers have also worked with background and actors on sets instructing them in proper use of certain tools or with getting into character of a fire fighter or medical role which they are portraying. Many times our Technical Advisers have been given free rein to fill the shot with realistic fire fighter actions for both cast and background.

    STUNT and FIRE SAFETY stand by is performed by our Tennessee State Fire Marshal certified Fire Fighter I and II personnel to assure your cast and crewâ™s safety.

    Personnel staff Fire Engines carrying 400 gallons of water for fire safety or Rescue Squads equipped with the Hurst Jaws of Life for vehicle extrication.

    PARAMEDIC stand by is performed by a local Ambulance Service and is staffed with State Certified paramedics, staffing a fully equipped ambulance able to handle any medical emergency which may arise.

    PARAMEDICS working alongside a FIRE SAFETY crew give you and your insurance company piece of mind that everyone will go home safe after a long day on the set.
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